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The Canadian College of Science & Technology (CCST) is the newest affiliated college of Karachi University Business Studies Department (KUBS). KUBS is a premier center of learning and research in the Subcontinent.

We embody the high academic standards of KUBS and are excited to offer high-quality, innovative curriculum that will help students expand their career options.

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CCST Enhances The Scope of Your Learning

Guest Speakers

We feature a regular series of guest speakers who are experts in their fields. The aim of having these speakers is to inspire students with real-world information from an array of business areas.

Industry Tours

Getting out into the field and touring a variety of businesses will help create powerful and relatable connections with various business fields before students embark on their careers.

Collaboration with Other Universities

We collaborate with various European and North American Universities to enhance students’ learning with exposure to a diverse range of expertise, perspectives and cultures.